Sigrid’s acoustic version of Mirror brings a fresh new sound to this powerful anthem

Accompanied by a piano, Sigrid brings a new version to one of summer's empowering anthems.


After a two-year break from when releasing her debut album, Sucker Punch in 2017, Sigrid came back with new music just last May with the release of her latest new single ‘Mirror.’

Adding to her list of many festival and feminist anthem-worthy songs, ‘Mirror’ is a song that will have many fans of the Norwegian singer/songwriter dancing and singing their hearts out. With its lyrics, “I love who I see, looking at me in the mirror,” ‘Mirror’ can be hailed as a self-love anthem.

Now, Sigrid releases an acoustic version of  ‘Mirror’ with ‘Mirror (By The Piano),’ which will give fans a fresh perspective to the song as it now becomes a powerful ballad.

Sigrid is no stranger when it comes to creating powerful piano ballads. Off of her debut album Sucker Punch,  her song ‘Dynamite” showcases the singer’s vocal talent and impressive lyricism as she plays along with the piano’s melodies.

In releasing ‘Mirror (By The Piano),’ Sigrid shares a music video as well which was directed and produced by CANADA, the same award-winning production company that directed the visually pleasing cinematic music video for ‘Mirror,’ which explored how hard it can feel to have different sides of yourself competing against one another.

In talking about this new version of her latest single, Sigrid shares her love for creating music on the piano.

“The piano has always been my favorite place to be. It’s where I forget everything that I need to do, or should do and it’s kinda the same in the studio when writing songs,” Sigrid says. “I like to check if it works just on the piano, and if the song passes that test, it’s good to go!”

If one thing’s for certain when it comes to making infectious pop songs and piano ballads, Sigrid can certainly do both with such ease.

Stream Sigrid’s acoustic version ‘Mirror (By The Piano)’ here.

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