SHINee are coming back with Don’t Call Me

SHINee are coming back with “Don’t Call Me”


Shawols have been patiently waiting on SHINee’s comeback and the wait is almost over as announced earlier this month, the boy group announced that their seventh full-length album titled “Don’t Call Me” will be released on February 22 (6 pm KST), and it contains a total of nine songs of diverse genres, as per SM Entertainment statement.

Like any K-Pop comeback, SHINee has shared the timetable and started to drop videos and photo teasers for the upcoming release. In the first teaser images and video mood sampler, “Fake Reality”, we see SHINee in a nearly perfect American suburbia from the 1960s and 70s – which reminds us of movie sets like “Edward Scissorhands”, “Revolutionary Road” and “Pleasantville”. The members are perfectly fitting into the set, wearing brightly coloured outfits as they pose outside a house.

The group has more surprises for their fans, like the ARS promotion “SHINee is Calling”, which reveals new content every week. It plans to introduce the Highlight Medley between February 15 and 21, and SHINee’s TMI (special secret message), between February 9 and 14.

In the previous days, through the special ARS promotion and the set up of a SHINee Hotline for both Korean and overseas fans, fans were able to listen to the members’ voices and leave them direct messages. Until February 14, new voice messages will be unveiled as part of SHINee’s TMI, aiming to bring more excitement among fans.

The colourful teasers have drawn attention as they not only show the members striking visuals and stylishness but also because of their enigmatic messages and situations where the members are featured.

It has been shared that SHINee’s new title song “Don’t Call Me” is a hip hop dance piece, which includes SHINee’s unique vocals that express hysterical emotions, while one of their b-side tracks, “Marry You” is a medium tempo R&B song. The song was performed during a special online Live, receiving already a lot of positive responses.

More recently, the group has shared 2 new sets of concepts; in the first one, they shared their ethereal beauty by posing with flowers. In the photos, the members’ unrivalled beauty is matched with a mysterious aura. While in the second concept, introduced by Onew and Key so far, the members are taking an underground, and street style, approach.

The newly released teaser photos were accompanied by two video teasers

SHINee’s “Don’t Call Me” will be released on February 22nd.

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