GOT7’s Mark Tuan shares new single One In A Million featuring Sanjoy

GOT7’s Mark Tuan shares new single “One In A Million” featuring Sanjoy


If we go through GOT7’s Mark Tuan’s first six weeks of 2021, we can see his YouTube Channel hitting 1M subscriptions with no videos uploaded – the channel has now over 2.5M subscriptions and 3 videos. A “One In A Million” pre-save link was broken due to popular demand a few hours after it went live. Newly released vlogs reach millions of views in just a few hours after their release. Trendmo Magazine has announced that the upcoming release featuring Mark has exceeded 10,000 copies sold. And now his new single “One In A Million” has reached No.1 on iTunes in over 20 countries, including France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and more.

“One In A Million” is an emotional track about finding “the one” who is like no other. Produced by Sanjoy, the track features a heartfelt pre-chorus “But then you walked through the door / Had my ego soaring / I couldn’t ignore how you making me feel / Now I’m leaving with you / Tell me, am I dreaming? / You give me a reason to roll out of bed” and chorus “There’s only one out of a million / Only one / Oh, am I the one? / Oh, I’ve been in the zone ever since you showed up / Only one / You know you’re the one out of a million” that is contrasted that Mark’s signature rap straight after, the smooth vocal parts are juxtaposed to the rhythmic rap verse creating the right balance in the track.

The animated video for “One In A Million” has been released on Sunday, February 14. A Valentine’s Day gift to all the fans.

“The one in a million chance, being in the right place at the right time, has them meet and fall in love at first sight. But as timing and fate almost takes them apart, music brings them together forever,” the caption of the video read.

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