Olivia Rodrigro proves her versatility with new single good 4 u

Is there anything she can't do?


She’s done it again… Olivia Rodrigo has created yet another hit in the form of her new single ‘good 4 u’. The eighteen-year-old star may only be on her third single, but she’s already proving her range by managing to release a string of songs that not only exceed expectation but also sound incredibly versatile.

You may have been expecting to hear her sing more ballads, but now we’re experiencing a different sound from Olivia. The pop-punk track sees her embrace her emo side (we all have one) and is what I can only describe as a glorious epitome of teenage angst. If you’re anything like me, listening to ‘good 4 u’ will instantly flood you with nostalgia (and not only because it feels eerily reminiscent of the angry pop-rock beginnings of fellow Disney alumni like Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato).

Laced with sarcasm, Olivia directly addresses her ex-lover and berates him for moving on without an apparent care in the world “like a damn sociopath.” The lyrics highlight her skill as a songwriter as they paint a vivid picture of events and allow you to get truly invested in the story she’s telling. It’s easy to imagine the song as a perfect soundtrack for a coming-of-age movie, whether it be from the past or present.

Don’t forget, Olivia is also a talented actress. She plays the lead role, Nini, in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, of which the second season premiered today. So it’s no surprise that the new track was dropped alongside a killer music video.

Directed by Petra Collins, the horror movie style video sees Olivia channel Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body as she plays a scorned cheerleader at high school. It quickly turns dark as we see her purchase gasoline at a supermarket before flooding and setting fire to her former boyfriend’s bedroom.

‘good 4 u’ follows ‘drivers license‘ and ‘deja vu‘ as the third single from Olivia’s upcoming debut album Sour, released on 21st May. She’ll perform the song for the first time during her appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

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