5 things we learned from Niall’s Twitter Q&A


I’ve have been a One Direction fan since their X Factor days, I mean who hasn’t? If I HAD to choose a ‘favourite’ then I’d have to say I’m a Niall girl. It’s been an epic week for Directioners what with the news of Harry’s tour (which I managed to get a ticket for *squeal*) and also Niall releasing his second single ‘Slow Hands’.

niall twitter question and answers
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Same Harry, same! Not going to lie, I’m loving this double dose of Narry at the moment. After releasing his second single on Thursday, Niall’s been hard at it promoting ‘Slow Hands’. From his hilarious interview with BBC 1’s Nick Grimshaw to hosting a Q&A Twitter session. For those who tweeted him a question which he replied to – I AM SO JEALOUS! For those who missed the Q&A, here are a few things we learnt from it.

He will be touring soon…sort of

niall twitter question and answer
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@signofhrrys asked a very good question ‘when can we expect tour dates?’ To which Niall responded – ‘I don’t know yet … I guess when this single progresses we’ll get more of an idea when’. His management and his agent are ‘talking’ at the moment so let’s hope that we’ll have something set in stone by the time his album drops.

(Like Harry) – he won’t be touring big arenas (sob)

niall twitter question and answer
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If you had difficulty getting tickets for Harry’s tour, then you’ll expect much of the same when Niall releases dates for his. @theirelad asked ‘how big will your venues be when you tour’. Niall replied ‘I’m guessing with the style of music I’m playing, it suits a smaller arena’ – sob! Although he did end it with ‘I’m presuming that’s the case’. Let’s hope this isn’t the case, but if it is – please make sure you add a tonne of dates and remember to include Cardiff, yeah?

What we can expect to hear on his debut album

niall twitter question and answer
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Now that we’ve heard ‘This Town’ and ‘Slow Hands’, we’re dying to find out what the rest of the album sounds like. @jolodirectioner asked him ‘how would you describe your coming album?’ Niall responded saying that the new album will be a ‘good mixture of every time of music that I like and that I’ve grown up on…a nice mix of up temp and slower music too’. We do love a nice mix, Niall. Can’t wait to hear some of your up-tempo stuff and of course get the opportunity to have a dance along to them when I see you in concert, hint hint!

What influenced him when writing the album

niall twitter question and answer
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When asked by @MariSalgado1997 what his inspiration was for the album, Niall replied saying that the songs were ‘…scenarios I made up in my head, stories I’ve turned into a song and some personal stuff, I’m writing it to make it relatable to everyone’. It looks like he’s keeping us guessing which ones are the made up scenarios and which one’s are personal!

How to play ‘Slow Hands’ on guitar

Not that I can play the guitar, but @mrdirectione asked ‘which cords he uses to play ‘Slow Hands’ – and now we know!

Thanks, Niall! We look forward to what’s to come from your solo career.

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