New Hope Club announce virtual world tour

The three-piece band have announced that they are hosting a virtual world tour for all of their fans.


New Hope Club have announced, after much anticipation, that they are going to be doing a virtual world tour throughout July and August. This will help satisfy fans that had tickets for their original tour that was postponed and will be potentially postponed for a second time.

Starting on 17th July and going right through to 30th August, Reece, George and Blake will be touring the world through YouTube. Each date of the tour will be streaming for free for fans in each location via YouTube with selected songs and special surprises. They will be finishing the virtual tour in their home country of the UK.

The boys have been teasing their fans with a virtual tour since last week when Reece posted a snippet of something ‘exciting’ on his Instagram story. When fans tweeted the band, asking for some insight into what was going on, the boys wouldn’t spill the beans. But now the secret is finally out and the tour is definitely one of a kind. It also gives all of the impatient fans of the band something to look forward to.

The YouTube series will give fans a very different experience to a typical live show. But it will be interesting to see people’s reactions and see if they enjoy these virtual shows. However, virtual shows have proved to become very popular during lockdown. With New Hope Club jumping on the trend early on, with their own ‘New Hope Club: Stay At Home Tour’ where they changed the events on a weekly basis.

Stay tuned to hear if the tour was as successful as it would be if it was a typical live tour!

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