MINHO debuts his first solo EP CHASE

SHINee's MINHO releases first EP and single titled CHASE


MINHO (of SHINee) has made a comeback and solo EP debut with the mini-album CHASE, led by the title track of the same title. This is MINHO‘s first comeback since the release of ‘Hearthbreak’ at the end of 2021 – also included in the mini-album CHASE.

CHASE’ is a hip-hop and R&B-based song with a slow tempo that gives the track a sensual feeling; the piano loop and arpeggio synth melody help create a moody and alluring atmosphere. On top of the instrumental, the lyrics express the empty feeling of chasing something or someone without ever reaching it.

For the music video, MINHO proactively involved himself during the filming process by directing it and contributing ideas, frequently giving his perspective as an actor. As such, he took lead in the movie-like trailers, showing him chasing a mysterious figure, only to be surrounded at the end.

The music video has a highly cinematic feeling. It starts with a montage of flashbacks from the following sequences, enough to hook viewers without giving away too much. The storyline follows MINHO waking up and having flashbacks of him with his partner; it’s clear that now MINHO is alone and heartbroken. During the night-time, he tries to find comfort in visiting bars but ends up even more broken and bruised. MINHO then remembers a car accident, where he is uninjured but not his loved one. In the scene, MINHO spots his lover standing and chases her but without reaching her. Later we discover that the lover’s ghost has been haunting MINHO to no end. In the end, MINHO takes a gun and shoots the mirror to try and get rid of the ghost.

CHASE features five other tracks and all fit perfectly with the leading single’s atmosphere. ‘Runaway’ features Korean rapper and producer GEMINI, who has more of a hip-hop influence bringing back MINHO as a rapper; the guitar riff-based ‘Prove It’ on which MINHO delights listeners with his low pitch. ‘Waterfall’ featured singer-songwriter LIM KIM and was produced by Cha Cha Malone, an interesting and alternative production with a great vibe that matches the smooth vocals. ‘Choice’ is an autobiographical summery pop/R&B song. The mini-album closes with the previously released single ‘Heartbreak’.

The mini-album CHASE found worldwide success as it topped the iTunes album charts in 39 countries. The album reached No. 1 on the charts of the United States, Japan, Canada, Sweden, Brazil, Mexico, Hong Kong and more, as well as the worldwide iTunes albums chart.

Not only is MINHO renowned for his music career, but he is also an acclaimed actor, having appeared in numerous Korean dramas and films. Next, he will star in The Fabulous on Netflix, out December 23, 2022.

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