SUPER JUNIOR Celebrate their new full-length album

SUPER JUNIOR celebrate the holidays and their journey with the new single 'Celebrate'


Christmas is over but there is still something to celebrate with SUPER JUNIOR.

The legendary K-Pop icons SUPER JUNIOR released the second volume of their 11th full-length album, The Road : Celebration.

The album opens with the title track ‘Celebrate’, a Christmassy pop track infused with warmth, here your classic Christmas/Winter ballad that will lift you up during the festive period. The track contains a sincere thanks from SUPER JUNIOR to those who have been by their side for a long time. With a message of love, gratitude, and congratulations for the journey one has been on, ‘Celebrate’ is a track that goes well with the end-of-year season.

The Road : Celebration has a Christmas theme but still gives SUPER JUNIOR the space to showcase a new side of their amazing craft; this is an album that listeners can enjoy throughout Winter.

The Road : Celebration has a total of five tracks, including an anti-carol for singles titled ‘Hate Christmas,’ an acoustic country love song by a snowman called ‘Snowman,’ an energetic remake of group Turbo’s hit track ‘White Love (스키장에서)’ that will make everyone dance right on the spot and a special track of SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y.’s unreleased and newly mastered ‘너였으면 참 좋겠다… (If only you)’.  

Moreover, The Road: Celebration topped the iTunes charts in 21 regions, including Brazil, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macao, Paraguay, the Philippines, Vietnam, Qatar, Japan, Mexico, Turkey, Ecuador, Peru, Egypt and Chile.

You can listen to The Road : Celebration on all streaming platforms.

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