MAMMAMIA is Måneskin’s hottest single

With a small reference to Eurovision.


It’s been a few months now since the Italian band Måneskin has conquered our hearts. While they just finished their summer tour through Europe, is the band already starting on their new project of a new album. With their brand new single ”MAMMAMIA” the band already giving us a sneak peek of their upcoming album.

Before the single came out this Friday, were there several listening party’s across cities in Europe where some lucky fans could listen to the song for the first time. The band gave a live performance during the listening party in Berlin, which got streamed at the other parties.

Måneskin wrote ”MAMMAMIA” after their victory at Eurovision back in May. The song is about all the rumors that were made about the band during the competition and after their victory. ”I swear that I’m not drunk and I’m not taking drugs” is one of the lyrics from the song, where the band is referring to the rumors about their alcohol and drugs use backstage.


Måneskin keeps dominating the music industry, while they sold out their European tour in two hours, is a music video for ”MAMMAMIA” expected to be coming soon. — We. can’t. wait.

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