Leah Kate releases breakup anthem Happy

Need a sassy pop song about a cheating ex? Leah Kate has got you


Leah Kate is back with another killer breakup anthem for when you feel like getting revenge on a cheating ex. ‘Happy’ is described by Leah as “the bitchiest song” she’s ever made.

The pop singer began teasing snippets of ‘Happy’ earlier this year on TikTok, a platform she knows all too well after the success of her viral hit ‘10 Things I Hate About You’.

Fans also got to hear Leah perform the song live, as she added it to her setlist while supporting Hayley Kiyoko’s UK and Europe tour dates.

Written with Andrew Goldstein, Lowell, and JHart, ‘Happy’ is a pop anthem that sees Leah take aim at her ex who she caught cheating with multiple girls. The fast-paced song has an upbeat and sassy vibe, with lyrics about being glad they’re doing badly without you.

It makes me happy, so happy, To know you’ve been so sad / Want so badly to have me, But I’ll never take you back

Taking to Instagram, Leah wrote:

“HAPPY IS FINALLY OUT NOW 🫠 so excited for u to hear this sassy lil anthem. ive been waiting so long for it to come out. I made this (…) on a bedroom floor in Hawaii and its one of my favs. go streammmmmmmm and tell me what u think 😉 I love you and I hope u love this one as much as I do.”

Watch the lyric video below!

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