JUNNY releases new single Get Ya! featuring pH-1

‘Get Ya!’ is JUNNY's first release in 2022


Singer-songwriter JUNNY is back with a new single, ‘Get Ya!’. This is JUNNY’s first release in 2022, and it anticipates the release of his full-length album.

‘Get Ya!’ is a song that expresses all the emotions that someone naturally feels when love blooms, singing the anxiety of thinking about what someone might lose after dating and not wanting to miss your lover.

For ‘Get Ya!’, JUNNY has teamed up with rapper pH-1 – the pair have previously shown their perfect musical combination and vibe on JUNNY’s ‘AURA’, released in 2020. In ‘Get Ya!’ the duo keeps charming listeners thanks to JUNNY’s soft vocals and pH-1’s melodic rapping, giving the song a suave atmosphere and showing the pair special chemistry.

The expectation for JUNNY’s full-length album is high, as the singer-songwriter has proven and positioned himself as an all-rounder musician. Over the past years, JUNNY has worked as a songwriter and composer with JAY B, IU, NCT, EXO, Baekhyun, Suho, and more.

JUNNY ‘Get Ya! featuring pH-1 is available on all streaming platforms.

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