SUPER JUNIOR’s RYEOWOOK is back with the emotional mini-album A Wild Rose

RYEWOOK’s A Wild Rose is a solid pop mini-album, led by the single ‘Hiding Words’


RYEOWOOK, SUPER JUNIOR’s lead vocalist, is back with his third mini-album, A Wild Rose. A Wild Rose is RYEOWOOK’s first solo project in three years.

A Wild Rose is described as an emotive seven-track mini-album of solid, melodic pop mid-tempos, each conveying their own delicate love and heartbreak stories. The EP opens with the title track ‘Hiding Words’, an impressive ballad with sorrowful and emotional lyrics. In the aesthetic video for the single, RYEOWOOK shows his excellent acting skills as he prepares to be broken-hearted.

Overall the EP touches across different genres, from the bluesy track ‘Bluebird’ to the modern rock ‘To Me’, creating a lovely bouquet of rhythms and melodies that fans will surely love.

The title track is followed by ‘Everlasting Love’, RYEOWOOK professes his unending affection and vows to protect his lover forever over instrumentals that slowly built up. The groovy and laidback ‘Bluebird’ is about a passive love story, co-written by Ryan Jhun, who previously worked on tracks for SUPER JUNIOR, SHINee and NCT. The track was pre-released ahead of the EP release.

The modern rock ‘To Me’ is an easy and smooth listen; ‘Angel’s Wing’ is a gentle pop and groovy R&B ballad with synths in the background, with emotional lyrics that compare a wounded heart to losing your wings. ‘Crying’ is a pop track perfect for spring with its acoustic guitar. The EP ends with ‘My Dear’, a classic ballad with piano and strings that expresses everything RYEOWOOK would like to say to a loved one when they are reunited.

RYEOWOOK‘s third EP A Wild Rose is available on all streaming platforms.

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