JUNNY wraps up 2021 with nostalgia

JUNNY releases the double-single album nostalgia, featuring JAY B and lullaboy


JUNNY wraps up his 2021 by teaming up with JAY B and lullaboy for the double-single album nostalgia. GOT7’s leader and solo artist JAY B features on the title track “nostalgia” while the Singapore-Indonesian singer-songwriter lullaby features on the track “Solo”.

“nostalgia” is co-written by JUNNY, JAY B, Jane, and No2zca. The track touches on themes of nostalgia and memories, with the singers approaching the emotions by asking them questions. In a recent Instagram Live, JUNNY said that he wanted to talk about home and deal with what he has felt as we are at the end of the year.

Working alongside JAY B, he was able to unpack and express these feelings of nostalgia and accepting things in life through the lyrics: “Those kinds of memories / That comes to you like a soft, gentle breeze / When you stand still and close your eyes / I’ll try to reminisce / Leave it as it was / Like a series of letters, already been erased” and “If I can turn back time / And relive my younger days / Will I be able to walk without any regrets? / Taking a trip down memory lane ‘ Although it was full of mistakes and regrets / I’ll embrace them with all my heart”.

JAY B also had a chance to talk about the lyrics of “nostalgia” during the latest episode of his radio show “JAY B’s R&B”. JAY B said how at first he thought not many people would be able to understand the meaning because the lyrics he wrote are based on his story, from his birth to the person he is today. Specifically, the lyrics “These emotions that I can feel / When winter is in the air” and “A picture-perfect scene” express how grateful and blessed his parents felt when he was born.

The composition is Troye Sivan-esque, as JUNNY confirmed in the Instagram Live, saying that he wanted to release a song with this vibe for a long time and express his admiration for Australian artists. The song has a dreamy-pop charisma, complemented by JUNNY’s breathy vocals and JAY B’s signature mellow vocals; the combination will soothe and cocoon listeners.

The song is paired with a lyric video which brings viewers on a train journey, with city scenery and sky recordings from the moving car. The cinematic music video perfectly captures the feelings in the song, placing the viewers central and allowing them to bask in those feelings.

“nostalgia” is the second collaboration between JUNNY and JAY B this year. The duo has previously worked on JAY B’s track “FAME”, from JAY B’s solo EP SOMO:FUME released in August. The pair – whose duo name is currently being discussed between JAY B fans via a Twitter Poll – showed their chemistry in a special live performance of “nostalgia” for 1theK’s “The Booth”.


“nostalgia” has debuted on the iTunes Top Songs Chart in over 10 countries and peaked No.1 in Argentina, Estonia, and Fiji.

The second track, “Solo” featuring lullaboy, brings in that Troye Sivan flavour and has a catchy melody, with the two voices perfectly fading into each other. The lyrics by lullaboy, JUNNY, and Zayson, are heartfelt and honest, incredibly relatable – over-analysing a past relationship, what could have been done, or done better. “I don’t care let’s runaway / Yesterday, I never thought tomorrow / I’d be the same, never changed / and I could never let go”.

nostalgia is JUNNY’s last project for 2021, after releasing his previous single “HIDE & SICK” in November and working as lyricist and composer for artists such as NCT, NCT Dream, Baekhyun, IU, and WayV this year.

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