Jackson Wang to Blow everyone’s mind with his new release

The new single ‘Blow’ is the first look at Jackson’s new project Magic Man


Jackson Wang has unveiled a new single, ‘Blow’, today. The English-language song was announced on March 30 and teased in the following 24 hours leading up to its release. ‘Blow’ is the first single to be lifted from Jackson’s new album MAGIC MAN, which will be released later this year.

The track sees Jackson exploring a new sound; ‘Blow’ starts with a simple and catchy riff of guitar that immediately sets the song’s vibe; the ’90s rock wave is in full swing. The track builds up – thanks to layering the best classic sounds from the nineties rock with digital sound effects – and blows in the chorus with bolder guitar riffs and heavy rock percussion sounds, creating the anthemic sound bed for the “Ooh woah, Ooh woah, Ooh woah, Ooh woah ,Blow”. Jackson’s raspy voice does wonders to the track, and his falsetto is a sorcery that only a Magic Man can do.

In the music video for ‘Blow’, Jackson creates a Bridgerton clandestine party meets Moulin Rouge scenario. A group of unconscious attendees, including Jackson, sprawled on the floor, breathes in a mysterious smoke mist that shakes them up; they start to scream and perform a theatrical and sensual dance with captivating portraits of Jackson.

‘Blow’ is co-written by Jackson Wang. He expresses an addictive but forbidden romance through the lyrics, “You taste like cigarettes / Your body feels like disrespect / Let you play me like an instrument / But I’m addicted to it, yeah / I’m addicted to it yeah, yeah”.

‘Blow’ is the first look at Jackson’s new project, MAGIC MAN, and the album title comes with the enigmatic message, “The longer the night lasts, the more our dreams will be..’. MAGIC MAN was firstly introduced in 2021 at the end of the video for ‘Drive You Home’ and recently in a series of tweets from Jackson and at the end of ‘Blow’ music video. “Magic Man” will act as the fil rouge for the upcoming release.

‘Blow’ comes nearly 3 weeks after the release of the mixtape LOST & FOUND, comprising eight songs from Wang’s archive.

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