5 Jackson Wang songs for your playlist

Get to know Jackson Wang through some of his songs


“Jackson Wang from China is _______” – this sentence should have a drop-down menu for everyone to pick the preferred description: GOT7 member, Chinese superstar, international singer, entrepreneur, fencer. Whatever description you choose, one thing is sure, Jackson Wang is a person who dedicates all of himself to everything he does, and his achievements say so.

Jackson Wang debuted as a member of GOT7 in 2014; before that, in 2010, he was a professional fencer training for the 2012 London Olympics but decided to follow his dreams and joined JYP Entertainment in 2011.

In 2016, Jackson started to grow his solo career by releasing hit singles like ‘Papillon’, ‘Okay’ and ‘Oxygen’; he released his first English album, MIRRORS, in 2019, and in 2022 the mixtape LOST & FOUND.

Jackson Wang is much more than music, and so in 2017, he founded the record label Team Wang, and in 2020 launched Team Wang Design, where he covers the role of creative director and lead designer for the fashion brand.

Get to know more about the international and K-pop sensation on his birthday with these 5 songs.

‘In My Bed’

The song talks about intimacy on its bass-EDM trap beats. Jackson sings about his increasing lust and desire for love in a higher tone with the lyrics, “I want you to live in my bed / You already live in my head/Live inside my heart instead”.


‘LMLY’ is something we’ve never heard before from Jackson, a catchy and perky ’80s inspired beat that fits Jackson’s voice perfectly. The song is paired with an adorable music video inspired by the ’90s Hong Kong and Chinese films he grew up watching. In the video, Jackson is a young waiter who falls in love with one of the restaurant’s regular customers. While he tries his best to win her heart with what will be defined as ‘fluff’ in a scenario on Tumblr, we understand that every scene playing out only happened in Jackson’s mind. And when she storms into the restaurant with another man, she ultimately breaks Jackson’s heart.

‘Bullet To The Heart’

In ‘Bullet To The Heart’, Jackson shows his vulnerability, exploring the pain and heartbreak that come with pursuing a passion, relationship, or other life goals. The track was co-composed by Jackson and is a mix of slow R&B and trap, a minimal base to Jackson’s deep and raspy voice.

‘100 Ways’

‘100 Ways’ is a deep house track; the instrumentals of ‘100 Ways’ are a minimal but sophisticated blend of deep house, synth, and trap. In the lyrics, Jackson Wang sings about lost love and how he’s the only one his lover need, “There’s a hundred ways to leave a lover / I won’t wait a minute longer / Hundred ways to leave / But I’m the only one that you need.”

‘Pretty Please’

‘Pretty Please’ features a punchy and catchy EDM rhythm with a resonant bass beat on where Jackson’s talented vocals are layered. The GOT7 rapper sways listeners with his husky voice, adding an interesting finish to the track. The final result is an excellent song that will surely please fans of both artists, expanding their audiences in new territories and genres.

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