Which Bridgerton female character are you?

Oh to be a fresh-faced debutante in an 1800s ball gown


Bridgerton is the latest Netflix show to take the world by storm and if you’re anything like us, you’ll have already watched the entire series in a weekend. Or maybe even a day – whoops. Good news though, it’s officially been renewed for a second season!

Now we’re just counting down the days until new episodes are bestowed upon us… but to help fill the hole that’s no doubt been left in your heart, we’ve created a quiz that will hopefully tide you by. Which of the show’s powerful female characters are you?

Don’t worry if you haven’t watched Bridgerton yet – just take our quiz, then get started  on the first episode and let us know if you think we got it right. Informally known as  “the period drama for people who hate period dramas”, we guarantee you’ll love it.

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