Harry Styles’ Tiny Desk Performance is literally everything we need right now

Harry Styles wows everyone with stripped-down versions of our favorite Fine Line songs.


In these uncertain and stressful times, it can be difficult to find moments of joy to hold onto when it feels like everything around us is in utter chaos. Luckily, NPR blessed us with Harry Styles’ highly-anticipated and previously recorded Tiny Desk concert on Monday and provided us with wholesome content of our favorite curly-haired Brit.

Harry wore a baby blue sweater with a chick hatching on the front while performing a variety of songs from “Fine Line,” including “Cherry,” “Adore You,” “To Be So Lonely,” and “Watermelon Sugar.” While it can be awkward holding a performance in the middle of a newsroom like NPR, Harry, of course, handled the situation with all the grace and charm we could expect from him.

He joked about “wearing the wrong jumper” at the performance because it was so hot in the office, apologized for “being in the way” of their work, and shamed the group for not vibing to his music the way a small group in the back vibed during “Watermelon Sugar.”

Harry also provided some insights on the making of the album and songs, which was made between California, England, and Japan. He talked about writing “Watermelon Sugar” back in 2017 and how it took over a year to finish because he hated it for a while but kept coming back to it and how the line “arrogant son of a bitch” is the line everyone sings the loudest in “To Be So Lonely.”

Harry did promise to come back to perform on Tiny Desk again, and hopefully, he’ll perform more songs off his new album like “Sunflower Vol. 6” and “Fine Line.” A special shoutout to NPR (which has seemingly turned into a Harry Styles stan account from some of their glorious tweets) for providing us the Harry content we all need to get through this trying time.

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