JLS return after 7 years as strong as ever

The band split in 2013 and have reunited in 2020 as in-sync and high-energy as they were nearly a decade ago.


JLS announced the news of their reunion last month, causing many of us to dust off our coloured hoodies and begin practicing the dance to ‘Beat Again’.

Since reuniting, the foursome have done only two live performances, most recently blessing our TV screens last week on ‘Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway’. Aston, Marvin, Oristé and JB played the part in the show by getting stuck on the tube and being late for their performance. They ran off the tube and straight into a dance routine, with their microphones being handed to them by Ant and Dec.

JLS proved they are still full of the dance moves they had seven years ago as they danced their way into a studio, leading a dance troupe of students from Marvin’s former performing arts academy. Their vocals were in sync and on point considering they were dancing and had also mashed up three of their top hits. It was almost as if they had never broken up.

Considering the band haven’t performed together in seven years, The X Factor runners-up proved their bond is still as strong as ever through their reunion promo and the flow of their performance. Fans that have followed the band through the break-up know that they and their families have always remained close, and this definitely showed through last week.

One of their last TV appearances as a band in 2013 was rightly where they first began: The X Factor UK. Just a month before they officially split, JLS took to the stage where they found fame to sing with the final six contestants.

The boys proved their singing and dancing skills on the show while dueting with the contestants as they sang their most famous song, ‘Everybody In Love’. There was a lot less dancing than their most recent performance, and not as many vocals since the contestants were helping out.

This just shows us all that JLS may be seven years older but they certainly have not lost their superstar powers along the way. Their massive 30-date reunion tour at the end of the year is already proving to be a huge success, and we can happily say that we are very excited for JLS 2.0.

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