The Best of Harry Styles in BBC’s Live Lounge 2020

Live Lounge month is over so let's look back at the best of Harry's in BBC's Live Lounge.


Harry Styles has had a very busy year in the Live Lounge. With a best-selling album and a chameleon voice that lets him take any song and make it his own, we were all looking forward to seeing more live performances from Harry at Love on Tour throughout 2020, but since we’ll have to wait a little longer for that, take a look back on five of the Best Harry Styles performances in BBC’s Live Lounge this year instead to remember how impactful Harry’s year has been.

Harry Styles singing Light’s Up


Was this the first time we saw Harry in pearls? It was a momentous Live Lounge appearance either way. Lights Up seems like it was released a lifetime ago, and if you’ve been one to overlook it, this performance will bring it right back on your radar where it belongs.

Harry Styles singing Juice


So successful was Harry’s cover of Lizzo‘s Juice, he’s taken it out on the road with him and he even dropped by one of Lizzo’s shows to duet with her. This song is pure fun and we appreciate the lyric change to remind us that this man sleeps, eats, and sings in Gucci. We hope this one stays on the set-list for next year.

Lizzo covering Adore You


I remember listening to this one live and when Lizzo gave a shoutout to Harry by changing ‘Oh honey!’ to ‘Oh Harry!’ I can confirm that I melted into the earth’s magma. Not only does Lizzo have the vocals but she also brings out her flute midway through which really makes this performance memorable.

Anne-Marie covering Watermelon Sugar


Harry was a popular choice in the Live Lounge this year and Anne-Marie bought her production to the song of the summer with Watermelon Sugar. The best part of this is watching how much fun Anne-Marie has performing this and knowing it is a performance that she can be proud of.

Little Mix covering Falling


Jesy had a panic attack moments before this cover, but ever-professional Little Mix quickly rearranged the song and put their own spin on Falling filling it with beautiful harmonies and highlighting their often underappreciated vocals.

Bonus: Harry at Radio 2


Although this round-up has been focused on Harry and his songs over on Radio 1, we shouldn’t forget that 2020 Harry also gave us a Valentine’s Day treat on Radio 2 in covering Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi! It’s the only time we’ve ever heard him cover this song and very Radio 2 and we aren’t sure we’ll see him sing this one again so you’d better put it onto your playlist alongside the others to put together some 2020 memories you’ll want to remember.

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