GOT7 share Not By The Moon MV teasers and highlight medley for ‘DYE’

GOT7 have revealed two music video teasers for “Not By The Moon” highlight medley for 'DYE' and first monograph video


GOT7 posted a sneak peek of the six tracks they will feature on their upcoming mini-album DYE through the highlight medley they revealed on April 17.

The highlight medley features new images of the boys fitting to the storybook-like concept of the comeback. The members picked their favourite songs one by one as well.

JB, Jinyoung and Yugyeom, who chose “CRAZY”, said, “It’s a song that reminds us of “Teenager” and “PAGE”, which fans love a lot. We can feel our own energy, and the chorus is very catchy, so I don’t think we’ll get tired of it even if we listen to it often.” Youngjae said, “I like the title song the most, but among the non-title tracks, I would like to recommend “AURA” that I also participated in making.”

Jackson chose “POISON” because it falls under his usual favorite genre, while Mark and Bambam picked “LOVE YOU BETTER”. “It seems to have turned out really well. It’s also a song of my favorite style,” they said.

GOT7 also revealed a new monograph video teaser for DYE. The video gives fans look at the behind the scenes of the album jacket photoshoot and includes GOT7’s voices as they describe their expectations for their first album of 2020.

Previously,GOT7 have shared two music video teaser for the upcoming single “Not By The Moon” on Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16, 00:00 AM KST.

In the first video, the cinematic teaser gives away a bit more of the concept introduced in the “DYE” cinema trailer.

In this teaser we see all the seven members being “introduced” by leader JB while walking through what seems to be a circus tent. In the middle of what seems to be the stage, various objects are floating around a clock under a thin glass case. Then a snipped of the track can be heard while the stage light turns on and the guys are starting to wear their masks, as seen in the concept photos.

Some AhGaSes have been sharing some theories around this comeback and teaser but the one that seems to fit incredibly is from @GOT7_JYP

In the second teaser, we get to listen to 20 seconds from the track, including Youngjae’s high note while the guys – all dressed in white – introduce what already seems to be a powerful choreography.

Watch the MV teasers for “Not By The Moon” below. “DYE” mini album is set to be released on April 20, 6 PM KST.

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