GOT7 dominates iTunes Charts worldwide with new single ENCORE

After a short 1-month "hiatus," GOT7 are back with the surprise single ‘ENCORE’ - technically, they never left.


As the members of GOT7 started to sign with other agencies while reassuring fans that the group is forever and not going anywhere (read “disbanding”) and that they were working on ways to release new music together, an upcoming release seemed more like a next year project.

And then, ‘ENCORE’ was announced on February 19 via Instagram Stories by the seven themselves and with a video teaser on their new YouTube Channel. To make everything even more exciting, the group has also shared a new logo and leader JB’s stage name has been officially changed to JAY B.

‘ENCORE’ was released by Warner Music Korea on February 20. The new track has been hyped by Warner Music globally, and it’s the first release since the group’s newfound freedom.

Composed and written by Trippy and GOT7’s Jinyoung, who has also taken part in directing the vocals and working on the chorus with Distract, the new song talks about their journey as a group and their journey with Ahgase, expressing the love and gratitude they have for their fans who have supported them throughout the years.

The single comes with a black and white music video that shows the seven hanging out in the studio, behind-the-scenes footage of recording and genuinely having fun together. It also features memorable and old concert footage with Ahgases chanting “encore”. During the video, the group address the camera and fans with BamBam’s opening line “Everyone, we’re back”. “More than anything else, we wanted to express our feelings like this, through this song.”, added Yugyeom. “We made a promise with our fans so we’re here to keep that promise,” said JAY B, Youngjae added: “Since we will always continue to sing the encore for you, let’s always be together, everyone.” Mark is the video executive producer, making this release even more special.

The song has been well received by fans and non-fans worldwide. Proving GOT7’s huge global popularity, the track quickly hit No.1 on the iTunes Song Charts in 50 countries in 24 hours, including the United States, Brazil, Chile, France, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Spain, Saudia Arabia. Fans gathered together under the guidance of hard-working fanbases to break the record of 21 countries that was achieved with the recent releases “Last Piece” and “Breath”. Overall the song charted No.1 in 54 countries.

Moreover, ‘ENCORE’ is the first K-Pop song to score No.1 on the iTunes Song Chart in the United States and the second GOT7’s track to hit the highest spot in the same chart in the US.

‘ENCORE’ impressively dominated Korean major domestic streaming services and their charts. It is GOT7’s first song to debut No.1 on Genie’s real-time chart; it also performed well on Melon’s Latest 24 Hits and Bug’s real-time chart.

GOT7 and ‘ENCORE’ have rightfully received love and attention from old and new media/non-media outlets, showing once again how much they are renowned and respected worldwide. In addition, the group and the release have proved to sceptics that GOT7 owning GOT7 is the best contract the seven members could have signed.

We hope with ‘ENCORE’ every single doubt of GOT7 disbanding has been erased. There is no end and it will always be “7 or never, 7 or nothing”.

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  1. Bri Ahgase says

    So proud of them!
    Thank you Ahgafam for supporting the seven so much and thank you
    for showing them the love and support they deserve.
    Let’s keep watching and supporting our boys as they are growing to really
    amazing and successful artists.
    I can’t wait till they make an Comeback together as a group but until then
    let’s keep follow them through the different paths they took until they meet at the same intersection again !
    Fighting Ahgafam! Fighting GOT7!
    I can’t describe in words how happy I am to have such a nice fandom!
    Ahgases are truly the best^^

    Thank you for the nice article ^^ It was well written 😀

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