Ella Henderson and Tom Grennan release Let’s Go Home Together music video

Watch the pair pretend to meet fall in love at first sight.


Ella Henderson and Tom Grennan have teamed up for their new collaboration, ‘Let’s Go Home Together’. Although the single is new, Ella originally wrote the track with fellow pop star James Arthur, and the pair even performed it on tour together back in 2017.

The video, set in a pretend pub, is as British as ever and has us counting down the days until pubs are open again. The storyline is a representation of Tom and Ella on a “wild night out” and showcases their acting skills as they pretend to meet for the first time and fall in love.

Speaking to Hits Radio, Tom explained why the video’s setting was so important to them. “I think that’s what everybody is missing, just that socialising at a pub. I can’t do clubs, I’m a pub man so when we got the video back, when I was watching it, I thought it was going to really touch people’s hearts and make them remember that feeling. It feels really good.”

While Ella revealed why the pair make the perfect duet: “Just hearing Tom’s voice on it, it all just came to life and he put his own spin on it. He’s such a cheeky character, that’s what it needs. It’s so tongue-in-cheek, we’re literally taking the mick out of each other in our verses, that’s literally how we are anyway.”

Ella recently made her comeback to music and is set to drop her second album this year, with Tom’s upcoming album Evering Road being released on 5th March.

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