Nick Jonas is a solo star with Spaceman

Spaceman era, incoming!


Nick Jonas, one third of the Jonas Brothers, broke the news last week on Twitter that he would be releasing solo music once again. Honestly, we shouldn’t be surprised since he buzzed his hair again like his first solo era (and we’ll miss those beautiful curls).

“Spaceman” is the lead single off the upcoming album of the same name, due to be released March 12. Jonas Brothers fans shouldn’t be worried about the status of the band, though, because Joe is vehemently supporting his younger brother. Nick’s music news comes in addition to a hosting and performing gig on Saturday Night Live on February 27.

“Spaceman” has a different sound than Nick’s previous solo music, going into a more pop/R&B realm while still effortlessly highlighting his voice. The space theme makes its way into the lyrics, but the song seems to be about the state of the world and his desire to be with his loved ones. It references the coronavirus pandemic multiple times throughout: “And the numbers are high but keep goin’ down / ‘Cause we ain’t supposed to live with nobody around.”

“I made this album while doing what most of us have been doing this past year, sitting at home and hoping for better days ahead,” Nick tweeted.

He also revealed the tracklist for Spaceman and — like the true Virgo he is — organized the album into four themes: distance, indulgence, euphoria, and commitment.

“Spaceman” tees up the new solo era smoothly, and we can expect a new song later this week due to Jonas pulling double-duty on SNL with two performances.

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