Four years of Ed Sheeran’s ÷

÷ dropped four years ago today full of hits that we still love to listen to


Back in 2017 when Ed Sheeran kicked off the year by dropping “Castle On The Hill” and “Shape Of You” we all knew he was coming with something huge after a long hiatus from music. ÷ came out on March 3 and proved that it doesn’t matter how long it takes, it’ll always be worth waiting for Ed Sheeran’s music.

Saying that the album was a success is an understatement. It debuted at number one in the UK charts as the fastest-selling album by a male singer, topped charts in 14 countries and all of its tracks reached top 20 in the UK Singles Charts. ÷ also granted Sheeran a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album.

The album contains 16 tracks and, besides the singles chosen by Ed, all tracks are amazing tunes that even four years later we can’t get enough of. Now to reminisce one of Ed’s greatest albums we’ll go through some of our favorite tracks from the album.

Shape Of You

The song was the first glimpse we got from ÷ and it got everyone hooked with the catchy lyrics and upbeat sound. Is there better proof that Shape of You is one of people’s favorites than the movie video having more than 5 billion views on YouTube?


This song gets everyone saying “I want a love like this” every time you listen to it. How many wedding videos have you watched with Perfect being the couple’s first dance? It is just the loveliest confession of all.

Castle On The Hill

Another song that was introduced to us before the album’s release and got everyone excited for what was to come. There’s something about Ed singing stories about his youth that makes this song so great that you can help but jump around singing to it.


Ed knows he has the power to make everyone cry their eyes out and that’s why he writes songs like Happier. How many tears have you shed listening to it?

Galway Girl

If you’ve ever listened to it before you’ll know exactly why people love this song so much. It’s the perfect song to listen to with friends drinking in a pub, right?

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