Aston Merrygold sends fans into a frenzy with 3 new songs

Aston Merrygold has made his solo comeback and treated his fans to three brand new songs in only three weeks.


You might know Aston Merrygold from the successful UK boy band, JLS. But he is no stranger to a solo career and he has just struck again, releasing three brand new songs in the space of just three weeks sending his fans into a meltdown.

Aston teased the first of the three singles in his birthday week and released it the day before his birthday. His comeback single, which is his first solo release since 2017, is called ‘Overboard’. The track has hints of pop and R&B, which is what the majority of Aston’s older singles also sound like.

The week after releasing ‘Overboard’, Aston teased yet another single and fans couldn’t believe their luck on getting two songs in two weeks. The following Friday, Aston then dropped a much softer track called ‘Share A Coke’. The song conveys a message of wanting to share drinks with friends (as soon as it’s safe to do so, of course) and I think this song conveys a message that everyone would like to hear in the current climate. My personal favourite part of the track was how Aston had added in the voices of his family and friends at the end, it was such a lovely way to end the song.

For the third release in the third and final week, Aston didn’t even tell fans that he was planning on releasing another song. Fans who were signed up to his mailing list got the news of ‘Hundreds and Thousands’ first and it quickly spread on social media, forcing Aston to confirm it. This song is another slow song slightly similar to ‘Share A Coke’, including incredible vocals and a fresh sound from Aston.

These three new releases came just as Aston was unmasked on the talent show, The Masked Singer UK, and came third in the competition. You can watch his reveal above, and listen to his new songs here.

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