BTS to drop new album BE and single next week

BE is BTS's self-produced album and a beautiful gift to ARMY all over the world.


Only a few months after releasing Map Of The Soul 7, BTS announced they were already working on a new album. The news was shared with ARMY by the members themselves through lives on their main channels.

RM was the first one to mention the making of the album and the band’s desire to share the process with their loyal fans. A month later the band appeared on a video having a meeting recorded in April discussing the details and the roles each of them would have in the process.

BE is coming out November 20th and it’s self-produced by the members – BTS called the shots in the making of the new album while working along side with their team. Promising to carry messages of comfort and hope to people the lead single of the album is called ‘Life Goes On’ and as Army had predicted, BTS hinted the title during their UN General Assembly speech.

As the concept photos and videos started dropping last week the theories began to spread among Armys. So far the concept has been consistent in expressing the reality we all face during this pandemic: trapped at home and having to find a way to carry on with daily activities and adapt to this new reality. The creativity behind the photos and the rooms created by BTS’s members is being praised by fans and kudos to BE’s visual director V.

Make sure to listen to the audios to know what BTS had in mind when creating their rooms. Which one is your favorite? We can’t choose just one.

‘Life Goes On’ first live performance will happen on November 22nd at the AMA’s along with BTS’s three times number one song on the Hot 100 Billboard Chart – Dynamite. The excitement to watch BTS’s new era unfold in front of our eyes is real.

It’s still uncertain if Suga will be part of the performance as the rapper is currently recovering from a surgery on his left shoulder. He won’t be part of the album’s promotions with his fellow members. We wish Suga a quick recovery!

While we wait a little longer for BE and Life Goes On we can appreciate V, Jimin, RM, Jungkook, Jin, Suga and J-Hope’s antics on these concept videos posted last month by BigHit.

BigHit released this Tuesday the tracklist for the album, it contains eight song including Dynamite. All we can tell is that BTS is about to make this difficult year a little lighter for all of us.

Which track are you most excited about? Can it be the 20th already?


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