Five anthems for our youth that will make you feel nostalgic af

With so much spare time on our hands, what better way to reminisce on the music that both shaped our youth, and also defined it in its lyrics.


With so much spare time on our hands, what better way to reminisce on the music that both shaped our youth and also defined it in its lyrics.

Little League by Conan Gray

A relatively new song, but nonetheless a song that makes you delve back into your memories of summer nights, friendship and adventures. The slow build of the song, heartfelt lyrics and mellow tone easily make you feel like you are in the middle of your very own coming of age film. So, for those days when you are stuck at home, look out of your window with the rain pouring down, put on this track, and you’ll definitely feel like the main lead of the latest rom-com.

Epilogue: Young Forever by BTS

This powerful song is sure to bring you that concert feeling, and whilst your listening, it is easy to get lost in the past, yet appreciate the present completely. The songwriters clearly wanted convey a sense of eternity in youth, and whilst we go through many hardships, our youthful nature is what pulls us through and helps us stay grounded and of course, young.

Me and You Together Song by The 1975

The 1975 have made waves in recent years, growing steadily to popularity. One of their most recent songs, Me and You Together Song, captures an incredible essence of youth. The carefree lyrics portray a sense of rebellion and experimentation, something we can all identify with. The rather talk-y tone seems to emphasise this, whilst still providing great energy. This is definitely one for blasting on those summer evenings with friends.

Twenty One by Khalid

Carrying on with that carefree vibe, Khalid makes such a statement with this track from his Free Spirit album. Talking about how our memories can both haunt us and be of comfort, Khalid dwells on growing up and how our rebellion can also be of detriment, especially in a society filled with so many anxieties. Put this straight on after Little League and your teen movie playlist is off to a great start.

Long Live by Taylor Swift

Perhaps the ultimate coming of age song, Long Live by Swift is one of those songs you can truly belt in all your carefree, memory-filled moments. Through putting her own experiences in the story of a magical fairytale, an awe-inspiring song is created, celebrating the trials and tribulations of what we all face collectively in our youth.

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