The true meaning behind Agust D’s new mixtape

Following the release of D-2, Agust D (Suga of BTS) shows his true colours in a raw, unfiltered new album.


Nobody expected Min Yoongi’s second mixtape to drop this month, yet everyone knew something was coming. Speculation over the release of new music from the individual artists that make up the famed BTS spread all over social media, but with no date or rumours confirmed, fans were caught off guard when BigHit Entertainment tweeted ‘D-7’ out of nowhere.

The image was blurry, nobody knew that as the days would count down, the figure would soon be a toss-up between Jungkook or Suga, known within the realm of his solo music as Agust D. The comments section was flooded with fans debating between the two. Then the day after the now famed ‘D-2’ tweet, Agust D dropped his second mixtape, four years after the release of self-titled.

With ARMY expecting a ‘D-1’ Tweet, it was safe to say that they were caught off guard. Upon the album release, the music video for the lead single ‘Daechwita’ was released. The song itself played with traditional Korean music, adding an urban twist with his rap lyrics. The lyrics reflect both of his status’ in the music video, where he plays both a king and a version of his own persona. Ultimately killing the king version of himself, Agust D reflects on his growth as a musician and how whilst others may think they are superior, he is the real winner in regard to his own contentedness with his success.

The rest of the album is just as meaningful and personal as the lead single. Rather raw and unfiltered, Agust D looks back on his past as well as his hopes for the future, and in between, the demons he must overcome to get there. With four artists collaborations, Agust D shows an appreciation for other talents. One of these collaborations is with fellow BTS member, RM, who Agust D worked on the track Strange with. They both take a wider stance, describing the injustices in the world, and how unfair extreme ideologies and political standpoints can be on those who are disadvantaged. Min Yoongi has made it known that if he were not a member of BTS, he would be a music producer, and through his mixtapes, it is clear that he is creating the music he loves.

Listen to D-2 on Spotify now.

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