Louis Tomlinson fans launch Project Always You

Get involved in the latest brilliant blueprint Louies came up with!


After the big success of the #WallsOlympics, Louis update accounts said “We respect the lazy community but that ain’t us” and – after teasing a lot, dropping a hint every day at the same time and driving people lowkey crazy while they tried to figure them out – just announced another amazing project involving fans all over the world: the #ProjectAlwaysYou.

This time, we are all invited to a proper journey with LT Airlines, the goal of which is to make the track ‘Always You’ soar to new heights and reach new audiences; over the next few weeks, there will be few stops before the final destination.

Every week a schedule with the activities planned for the following days will be released and there will be new goals for the song; the next travel destination will be unlocked so you can continue your trip only after reaching them.

As any self-respecting Louie would expect, the starting point is the wonderful town of Doncaster, Louis’ hometown he is always so proud of and so tied to.
The itinerary for the first week includes the exploration of some cool places in Doncaster (like Lakeside Lake, Keepmoat Stadium, Doncaster Race Course, The Dome and Yorkshire Wildlife Party), all of which are connected to specific activities (like TikTok challenges, fan art challenges, streaming parties) on specific days.

It’s not news that Louis spends so much time thanking and praising his fans for being so dedicated and supportive and also very very creative.

“Like any artist really, each artist is elevated and empowered by their own fans and the feeling that they give you, you know. And they really do – I mean, they’re an amazing, amazing, you know, group of people.”

He always tries to make everyone feel included and involved in every single one of his concepts and when there isn’t any, his fans go and create some themselves. Maybe they really are the best after all!

Make sure to spread the project using #ProjectAlwaysYou on all social media, follow @ProjectAY on Twitter or check any of the official Project Always You platforms as well as any of Louis update accounts involved to stay updated on the latest information.

Get ready for boarding, have a safe flight and stream Always You!

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    Great article! #ProjectAlwaysYou

    I always admire your articles, they are short and sweet!

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