7 things we love and adore about Lorde

We're celebrating the singer's monumental Grammy nomination.


There are many reasons why Lorde has become one of our favorite artists. Her honesty and sincerity makes her relatable but also her music has gradually become the anthem for our crush-yearning hearts. In honor of her most recent Grammy nomination, we’re listing all the things we admire about her.

1. She had an Instagram account dedicated to onion rings.

It was speculated for the longest time Lorde was the mastermind behind an Instagram account dedicated to reviewing onion rings from different restaurants. It’s the weirdest and most random thing ever but coming from Lorde, it’s not entirely that outrageous.

2. Her adorable friendship with Jack Antonoff

Jack Antonoff is known for penning and producing tracks from some of the hottest pop artists today like Taylor Swift, P!NK and Fifth Harmony. Lorde is on the top of that list—Jack’s genius meshed well with Lorde’s creativity because their most recent collaborative effort on her sophomore album ‘Melodrama’ earned her an Album of the Year Grammy nomination. Besides their professional relationship, Jack and Lorde have developed quite the friendship, one that we’re all envious of.

ella's a real piece of shit guys

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3. Stevie Nicks thinks she would’ve been the perfect addition to Fleetwood Mac.


Legendary rock star Stevie Nicks professed her admiration for Lorde’s talent at a recent concert, claiming if she had been around in the 70’s during Fleetwood Mac’s rise to fame, she would’ve been the third woman in the band. It’s certainly a huge compliment coming from an icon like that and Lorde definitely agrees, expressing her excitement on her Twitter account.

4. Her amazing sense of style

As Lorde’s grown, her style has been ever-changing. She’s always showing off her different and unique outfits she wears while on stage for her world tour on social media, making her a perfect inspiration for many fans and even the general public. There’s no denying she makes looking cool seem so effortless.


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big mooooood

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5. Her love for her fans

Lorde is always making it known how much she appreciates her loyal fans. Plenty of social media love can prove this—her constant tweets and Instagram posts of how her fans are her ‘everything’ is enough to make us absolutely adore her.



6. She never shies away from embracing her weirdness.

When Lorde first stepped out onto the scene, she was often ridiculed for her eccentric dancing and odd stage performances, but it immediately became her signature “thing.” By embracing this strangeness that everyone dismissed at the beginning, she gradually turned into an artist the public was fascinated by. Her most recent performances at the VMAs and the Billboard Music Awards had people talking and some not in the best manner but Lorde didn’t care—even speaking out about it, standing up for her joy to be creating something she loves so much. Now Lorde is thriving more than ever—the haters who didn’t take her seriously since her debut single ‘Royals’ can take a seat.

7. Her undeniable talent and creativity 

Lorde has accomplished way more than the average 20-year-old. With a No. 1 album and two Grammys under her belt already, she has so much more in store for her. With her most recent album ‘Melodrama,’ it’s living proof that her knack for writing and creating mind-blowing, heart-wrenching songs has only gotten stronger. Her previous album ‘Pure Heroine’ was just a small taste of what the multi-talented singer could do and we were not prepared when she came back to conquer the world once again four years later.

It’s safe to say we’re rooting for her to take home the most coveted award during Grammy night—Album of the Year. In the words of Lorde herself, Melodrama forever.


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