Pack your tissues, Wonder is the tearjerker of the year

Take your Kleenex with you for this one.


Based on the book of the same name, ‘Wonder’ tells the story of a young boy called Auggie who battles through life with a severe facial disfigurement. Having been home schooled until fifth grade, the movie follows Auggie’s first year at school. For Auggie, who’s used to hiding his face behind an astronaut helmet, it’s as big a jump as stepping on the moon.

Unlike other films that centre around one main character, ‘Wonder’ differs from this as it takes in multiple points of view. We also get to see events that shape Auggie’s older sister and friends. Throughout all of this, it’s clear to see that Auggie is the centre of his parent’s world and it shows how his facial disfigurements affect other people’s lives too. Spoiler: Not always in a good way.

‘Wonder’ is all about friendship and the things friends go through when they’re growing up – not just Auggie. His older sister is starting high school and there’s an all too familiar tale of her best friend getting in with the cool gang and ditching her. With science, space and Star Wars references scattered throughout, this is one of those movies that everyone in your family will be able to enjoy.

Overall ‘Wonder’ is heartwarming and a massive tearjerker (in a nice way, we promise), if you’re in need of a break from the Christmas shopping, this is the perfect movie to warm yourself up to and settle down with some snacks.

‘Wonder’ is out now in the UK and the US,

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