Small Business Saturday – A day to make a difference


Today marks Small Business Saturday, which is a wonderful, wholesome day that helps us to celebrate and discover small businesses. Every year after shoppers are spent out following the Black Friday chaos, Small Business Saturday comes along to encourage consumers to ‘shop small’ and support their local economy.

So, what are the benefits of choosing to shop at small businesses rather than huge chains?

Largely, the economic factor is the most desirable draw. Studies have shown that local businesses are far more likely to reinvest back into the local economy at a much higher level than chains do. By shopping at small businesses, you are contributing to the stability of the economy of your local area which means:

  • Creating more local jobs in your town.
  • Supporting schools, police and fire departments in the area as most of your taxes will stay local.
  • Strengthening your community by creating a lively and vibrant area filled with local businesses.

Additionally, chains operate on demand whereas small businesses are able to provide a unique more varied range of products. These are usually cheaper, ethically sourced and of a superior quality.

If I haven’t convinced you already – here are some awesome small businesses to get your started. If you make one change this Christmas, opt to buy just one present from an independent business instead and see how you feel!

Label By Eleven, Bournemouth UK

Ethically sourced, stylish accessories handmade in the UK. Their bags and scarves are made from organic cotton and are an absolute dream. The scarves would also make a perfect Christmas pressie for the cold winter months ahead.

Banquet Records, Kingston UK

Vinyl revival is very real guys and however tempting it is to pick your mum up an Ed Sheeran record from Sainsburys, have a browse through the fantastic catalogue that Banquet records boast and help to keep independent record stores alive.


Image source

Life Club, Kent UK

Pins, patches and clothing from a business that regularly supports a local animal rescue with money made from profits. Their wide and unique range of products are all ethically sourced and reasonably priced.

Image source
Image source

i smell great. USA

A perfume company out to change the way we wear perfume by creating unique and simple scents, that can be reactivated by rubbing the skin or moving the area where the perfume has been sprayed. The perfumes, sprays and lip glosses all look to die for and the co-founder is the incredible Sophia Bush!

Image source

HLSK, Melbourne, Australia

HLSK are a gorgeous jewellery brand founded in Australia. They work with “ethically sourced natural stones and organically shaped metals that are sculpted into delicate formations.” Fans of this unique collection include Miley Cyrus and Kylie Jenner!

Image source

Let us know if you discover any hidden treasures in the comments section below and happy ‘small’ shopping!

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