Louies light up Twitter for Louis Tomlinson’s birthday!

On Louis' 29th birthday, his lovely and dedicated fans are lighting up Twitter trending #lightsforLouis worldwide.


When Louis Tomlinson was a kid, his lovely mum Johannah used to drive him around so they could look at the amazing Christmas lights on the streets and he used to think they were all for him and his birthday.

Which they were, of course. It is common knowledge that since 1991 no one cares about Christmas Eve anymore, but it’s all about Louis and Louis only. As it should.

Come on, imagine an innocent little Lou, looking up at the lights all cute and smiley getting excited because he thought all his neighbors were celebrating his birthday…if this is not the most adorable and endearing thing you have ever read or heard, then I don’t know what is!

And that’s why his dedicated Louies came up with an equally adorable and endearing idea: they decided to trend #lightsforLouis ✨ to light up the whole Twitter for him! Wherever you are, despite any distance or restriction, you can join and put up your virtual lights for the brightest light of our lives: our Louis ✨!



And – who would have thought??? – it trended #1 worldwide in a few hours because Louis Tomlinson world domination does not know rest or holiday breaks!

To be fair, numbers increase so fast that as I am writing now there are over 201k tweets… Louies’ power!

Hopefully, since he sees EVERYTHING even when we think he doesn’t, Louis will see this too and I am sure he will appreciate it even more given his love for fairy lights that he has all over his own house.



As the Sun that he is, he likes to be surrounded by other light sources, but he will always be the brightest of them all ✨

  1. Vaneeza says

    He is a king he deserves the whole world
    He is idol my inspiration
    And my favorite person

  2. Robin says

    You are so loved and a kind heart hope this year is only full of positive experiences.

  3. louies says

    Really appreciated this beautiful and well written article !!

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