Our prayers have been answered with Justin Bieber’s Holy

Featuring Chance The Rapper the single drops this Friday


Bieber is back with brand-new music on September 18th. The new single is called ‘Holy’ and according to Bieber it marks the beginning of a new era.

The single featuring Chance The Rapper is coming along with a short-film directed by Colin Tilley, who has worked with Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj, Usher and many other important names in the industry.

Via Alfredo Flores on Twitter

The released pictures from the shooting show Bieber in a tracksuit covered in dirt and carrying a bag in a deserted field, leaving to our imagination what concept is behind the new single.

Via Complex Music on Twitter

Bieber spent five years away from music when 2020 finally marked his return to the music scenario – Changes was released early this year along with two main singles ‘Yummy’ and ‘Intentions’.

The singer was supposed to go on tour this year, but due to the pandemic the tour was postponed to June 2021.

Who’s excited for Friday? We can’t wait to listen to ‘Holy’.

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