26 Justin Bieber songs to stream for his birthday

Justin is 26 today! Here's how to celebrate.


Happy March 1st! Justin Bieber recently dropped a brand new album, is currently prepping for an upcoming tour, and he’s been setting new music records for himself. It’s safe to say, JB has a lot more to celebrate right now than just his birthday.

On February 24th, Justin topped the Billboard 200 chart for the SEVENTH time with his newest album, Changes. He also just recently broke a record, held by Elvis Presley, as the youngest solo artist to have seven chart-topping albums!

Because he’s been releasing hit songs since the age of only fifteen, twenty-six-year-old Justin has quite the impressive music catalog to his name. Here’s a list of some of our (old and new) favorite Bieber songs in chronological order.*

*United By Pop is not responsible for cases of Bieber Fever.

1. One Time

All the way back in 2009, this was Justin’s first-ever single.

2. One Less Lonely Girl

If you’ve ever seen Justin’s documentaries, you’ll know this cute song has always been a crowd favorite.

3. Baby

‘Baby’ is one of Justin’s most well-known songs to date. Even if people don’t always admit it, deep down, everyone loves it.

4. Overboard (feat. Jessica Jarrell)

‘Overboard’ is underrated- and awesome.

5. U Smile – Acoustic Version

Justin’s voice was already growing slightly deeper during the recording of this acoustic album. I still remember how excited I was, at age 10, when my mom bought it for me.

6. Somebody To Love Remix (feat. Usher)

The original ‘Somebody To Love’ was already such a great song, but with Usher featuring on this remix, it’s even better.

7. Never Say Never (feat. Jaden Smith)

An entire decade has passed since Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith collaborated on this song. They both look SO young in the music video! Later this year, Jaden will actually be joining Justin on his Changes Tour!

8. Boyfriend

This was our first time hearing Justin’s changed/matured voice. ‘Boyfriend’ will always be a total classic.

9. As Long As You Love Me (feat. Big Sean)

I’m trying not to be biased, but this may be the BEST Bieber song of all time.

10. All Around The World (feat. Ludacris)

After their collaboration on ‘Baby’ in 2010, Ludacris joined JB for another amazing song in 2012.

11. Beauty And A Beat – Acoustic Version

I personally think Justin’s second acoustic album is, somehow, even better than the first! You decide though!

12. Nothing Like Us – Bonus Track

In 2013, I loved this ballad so much, I made myself learn it on the piano.

13. All That Matters

The 2014 album, Journals, is an underrated one. Separating himself from the pop genre of his other albums, the sound he went for on Journals is actually very similar to his brand new album, Changes.

14. Backpack (feat. Lil Wayne)

This is probably the weirdest song Justin has – in the best way possible. Yes, it’s about a literal alien hiding in Justin’s backpack. The song (and concept) is strangely fun. It’s a shame most people aren’t familiar with it. ‘Backpack’ even has a guitar solo at 2:50, which is actually unusual for a Justin Bieber song. I just really wish there was a music video.

15. Where Are You Now LIVE (Skrillex, Diplo)

Shout out to the live version. This song NEVER gets old.

16. What Do You Mean?

‘What Do You Mean?’ is the first single off of Justin’s 2015 album, Purpose.

17. Sorry

This is definitely one of Justin’s most popular songs for a reason!

18. I’ll Show You

This song’s got tropical house and fantastically deep lyrics.

19. The Feeling (feat. Halsey)

This Justin and Halsey duet is so good, should’ve been a single!

20. Cold Water (Major Lazer, MØ)

This collaboration literally sounds like, what you would imagine, the soundtrack to pool parties and summer has always been.

21. 2U (David Guetta)

Justin & David Guetta released ‘2U’, along with many remixes of the song, in 2017.

22. Friends (with Bloodpop & Julia Michaels) – Remix

This Julia Michaels feature is definitely another favorite!

23. Intentions (feat. Quavo)

This Quavo feature, is the third promotional single off Justin’s new album, Changes.

24. Forever (feat. Post Malone & Clever)

‘Forever’ marks the second time Justin and Post Malone have worked together on music. Arguably, it’s the very BEST track off Changes!

25. Get Me (feat. Kehlani)

This slower Kehlani collab, is the second promotional single off of Changes.

26. Changes

This title track reminds me a lot of the song ‘Purpose’, from Justin’s 2015 album of the same name. Like ‘Purpose’, it’s a reflective piece, with another short spoken word outro from Justin himself: “People change, circumstances change, but God always remains the same.”

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Whether you’ve been a Belieber since Day 1, or you happen to be a newer fan, we’re positive you’ll be jamming to this selection.

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