Mamamoo drops new empowering single Wanna Be Myself

Mamamoo is the girl group we trust when we need a confidence boost, they're back with a new powerful single, 'Wanna Be Myself'.


Mamamoo is back with a new song and movie video called Wanna Be Myself. This might not be an official comeback yet, but it’s another proof that Wheein, Hwasa, Solar and Moonbyul are great messengers of empowerment and confidence.

The girl group – known for their powerful vocals and killing looks – haven’t released any singles since last November as four-piece, making Wanna Be Myself Mamamoo’s first group single in 2020. Nevertheless they did not keep quiet and worked on a few solo projects this year. Hwasa released “Maria”, her first mini album. Moonbyul released a solo single called Absence and Solar dropped Spit It Out earlier this year.

Wanna Be Myself is a commercial single made for Mamamoo’s partnership with Andar, a clothing Korean brand. We can see the girls in different outfits from the brand in the colorful and minimalist movie video released last Thursday.

Mamamoo sings about self love and self acceptance and going against the idea of one beauty pattern only, being original means being yourself and doing what makes you feel good about yourself. Are there any messages more suitable for the group than these ones? They’ve openly talked about the treatment they used to receive before because their beauty did not fit the patterns and many other obstacles they’ve encountered during their career.

The fans, who were informed of the single two days before its release, are loving it and now are even more excited for the group’s comeback.

If a commercial comeback can be this good, imagine what Mamamoo will do next.

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