Meet Mae Muller, Little Mix’s new opening act

Get to know the rising pop star before she tops the charts.


As Little Mix‘s latest opening act for their UK tour, Mae Muller is a pop star on the rise bound for great things. At 22-years-old she’s already released two EPs and her debut album Chapter 1, a subtly sass-filled 11-track story.

The North London native is gaining traction smoothly, her sound differing greatly from most of today’s pop idols. She fits in well with young songstresses striving to change pop music—singers like Billie Eilish, King Princess, and Mae deliver tracks that expand on a usually repetitive genre. There are no booming, electronic beats—just a chilled out energy that soothes the heart and soul.

Since the release of her debut single “The Hoodie Song” and record deal with Capitol Records, she’s set the tone for a softspoken artist, relying on the edge of her voice to captivate audiences. She draws inspiration from female empowerment—an important message to push especially in this feminist age. “I find most of my inspiration with just my experiences of being a young female. From love to heartache, to dealing with misogyny, and just girls having to stick together, ” Mae said in an interview with Wonderland Magazine. “It does sound slightly cliché but it is so important to me that us girls support and lift each other because there are a million and one things that will try and put us down.”

Currently, she’s riding high on the success of “Anticlimax” as it steadily gains over 1 million streams on Spotify. Then there’s “Drama,” her collaboration alongside Ms Banks and Caitlyn Scarlett that shows off a darker pop ego Mae pulls off, intensified with the help of her fellow women by her side.

With her upcoming opening gig for girl group Little Mix, she’s only getting bigger. Mae’s strength is hidden underneath a warm voice and saccharine lyrics. She’s just a girl singing about simple things—love, friendship, and everything in between—with no inauthenticity in sight.

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Featured image source: Instagram (@maemuller)

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