Four of Diamonds work together to redefine girl power

"Being in a group is a lot easier in some ways, and we constantly say how grateful we are to be sharing this journey together."


Yasmin, Sophia, Lauren, and Caroline make up the pop-perfect girl group Four of Diamonds. After their stint on The X Factor, they’ve toured alongside Rita Ora, performed at Manchester Pride, and released a handful of catchy singles. Their most recent track “Eating Me Up” is a certified pop banger—and a definite sign of what’s to come from the British group.

We had the chance to talk with the girls about their latest single, what they have planned for the future, and much more!

Congratulations on the release of “Eating Me Up.” On a scale of one to ten, how excited were you for the world to hear it?

Yasmin: We were SO excited for the world to hear “Eating Me Up!” It’s the first of many songs to come from us. We wanted to release music more regularly so we have started a #FODSinglesClub, which “Eating Me Up” is the first track from. It’s been a good few months since we released our last single “Walk Away” so we couldn’t wait to drop a new and very different track.

Tell us a little about the track and the creative process behind it. What inspired it?

Yasmin: We recorded this song last summer and it was pitched to us by some incredible producers and writers that we’ve worked with quite a lot! When we first heard the track, we couldn’t get it out of our heads so we knew it had to be something we released! I really feel like “Eating Me Up” is open for interpretation but for me, it’s about someone who is lying to you and not treating you right. You know you shouldn’t be with them but you love them so much that you’re trapped and it’s “eating you up.” 

Pop music is very hard to break into but you’ve managed it pretty well. Do you think being in a group eases the stress of creating the perfect pop song? Having your friends by your side is sure to make it easier.

Yasmin: 100%. I do think being in a group is a lot easier in some ways, and we constantly say how grateful we are to be sharing this journey together. We help each other so much in music and in everyday life. It’s like having three new sisters.

Since your run on The X Factor, do you feel like there has been a lot of pressure to be as successful as previous acts who began on the show as well? What do you think makes you stand out from those groups?

Caroline: I think at the beginning there was a bit of pressure as everyone expected us to release music straight away. But after we realised how important it was to take some time out to go into studios and find our own sound, we understood the importance of waiting until the time was right and releasing music when we were ready to. We managed to take almost a year and a half of time out and came back stronger and better. 

What did you learn from that experience that has stuck with you now? Any advice you can give to aspiring contestants or up-and-coming artists like you trying to make it big?

Caroline: I’ve learnt that rejection can be good for the soul. I was so upset when we got sent home but I realised that when one door closes, another will open. You just have to trust the process. My advice would be to never give up when things don’t work out the way you want them to. If you’ve been rejected or received bad news, turn that energy into something positive that makes you want to pursue your dream even more.

You recently performed at Manchester Pride, supporting headliner Ariana Grande, over the summer. What was the most memorable part of that experience?

Caroline: It was such an amazing day and there were so many great moments. It was 33 degrees that day and the audience was still giving us all their energy despite standing in direct sunlight! I think the part of the day that stuck with me most was watching Ariana Grande perform. She really is the whole package! I was amazed to see her dancing in such massive heels but most impressed with her vocals. She can hit the highest notes and does the craziest riffs. It also touched me seeing her mum watching on the front row. She was crying her eyes out by the time Ariana finished her set. She looked so proud of her.

You guys are the first girl group to sign with Virgin EMI Records since the Spice Girls. In honor of that very momentous achievement, we have to ask this question: which Spice Girl would you be and why?

Caroline: I would be Geri Halliwell, Ginger Spice. I love how sassy she is and admire her for being so multitalented. She was born to be a star in the whole entertainment world!

Sophia: Ahhh, it’s still crazy every time I hear someone say that! What a difficult question! I don’t think I could pick just one but maybe a mix between Sporty Spice and Posh Spice. I like a bit of sporty with a bit of girly so that hits the nail on the head for me.  

Which classic girl group is your all-time favorite? Favorite girl group song?

Sophia: I sound like the most indecisive person ever right now—probably because I am—but I can’t pick just one. I have always loved 3LW and SWV for the proper old school R&B vibes—but Destiny’s Child and TLC are also up there for sure. I think there would be something wrong here if I didn’t also mention the Spice Girls. My favourite song… That’s actually impossible. “Rain” by SWV is an all-time favourite for me and “Girl” by Destiny’s Child because it represents everything I love about my girls and I used to sing it on my karaoke machine.

Are there any artists that inspire you? What have they done that motivates you in your own career?

Lauren: Yes, many artists. My ultimate inspiration is Beyoncé, that woman must be one of the most hardworking in the industry and it has certainly paid off for her. Normani is super inspiring right now, she is killing it with everything she does.

What can your fans and the general public expect from you in the future?

Lauren: They can expect LOTS more music coming very soon that’s relatable and empowering. Also, lots more shows to come too—the dream is to be touring and selling out shows all around the world!

Stream Four of Diamonds’ new single “Eating Me Up” here

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