American soul-pop singer Tameca Jones arrives with two brand new singles


Austin-based singer Tameca Jones is the only soul-pop songstress you need to focus on this summer. After making a name for herself as a cover artist, Tameca is now bringing her own original sounds to the forefront and couldn’t wait to share her material with her fans.


Tameca has released not only one, but TWO singles, and announced that her debut EP ‘Naked’ will be released this summer!


Already hailed as a “showstopping” performer and writer in her hometown, Tameca is showing her versatility in the two singles, with ‘Hot and Bothered’ being a booming, riff-fueled track, and ‘Head Over Heels’ – an emotional ode to her fraternal twins – showing a more emotional side to Tameca, with her soulful voice soaring over the piano line.


Listen to ‘Hot and Bothered’ here.


‘Head Over Heels’ can be found below:



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