Here’s all the justification you need to prove that ‘Finding Dory’ is for millennials too


‘Finding Dory’ is already making splashes across the pond, after racking up a record breaking $136.2 million during the first weekend of its release in the US. While there have been some great releases in the box office this year such as ‘Me Before You’ or ‘The Divergent Series: Allegiant’ – they haven’t left the lasting impression that Dory has.


And, there’s a reason for that. Which is that we’re all obsessed with Disney and the feeling of nostalgia it gives us. We’re connected to the things that remind us of our childhood. Adulting is hardddd work, but reminiscing isn’t. Watching all of the Disney sequels such as ‘Toy Story 3’ and ‘Monsters University’ is like catching up with an old friend. You want to see how they are and what they’ve been up to. We’re all trying to figure shit out and these films make us hopeful that if our childhood friends can make it on the big screen, then we can make it too.



If that wasn’t enough proof for you, you might remember the swindles and speculation swirling around earlier this year when one of the ‘Finding Dory’ trailers was released. It featured what appeared to be a same sex couple with a small child. While there was a lot of press coverage on this, the creators have left it open to interpretation and neither denied nor confirmed the background of these characters.


Our interpretation is definitely that we live in a progressive society, and people are way more open minded then they ever have been. We hope it reminds people that they’re accepted regardless of who they love. When we think back to 13 years ago to when ‘Finding Nemo’ was released, this wouldn’t of been a possibility – so it shows how accepting and open minded the millennial generation is… GO US! 🎉


‘Finding Dory’ promotes the message of discovering who you are and being proud of living your truth. It’s light hearted and is an incredibly positive film – which is welcomed amongst this years releases, which seem to be dark, action packed blockbusters. So, yes we are grown ass ladies and gents, and yes, we can’t wait to swim with Dory and her friends.
‘Finding Dory’ is out in UK cinemas on 29 July. 

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