New Swedish singer MY is “My Chemical Romance fronted by Katy Perry”


Yep, you read that title right. The artist that we’re about to introduce you to has been described as sounding like My Chemical Romance fronted by Katy Perry, or Paramore’s Hayley Williams as produced by Max Martin. And yeah… her name really is My!


My was born and raised in Sweden but has spent a lot of time recording in London. Growing up, her musical influences included Bob Dylan, Nash and ABBA – Where’s a Swede without their ABBA? – before discovering rock acts such as Nirvana and My Chemical Romance.


Throw all that together and you get My’s songs, full of love and live with brutal honesty and a dark edge.


My’s debut single ‘Invincible’ is available to buy here or listen below on Spotify.



You can also see My perform ‘Invincible’ acoustically.



Is it just us or do you really want to hear Katy Perry cover ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’ now?

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