Jena Rose talks inspiration, idols, and her new single Reasons

Meet Jena Rose, a star on the rise with a new single out today and an EP on the way.


Jena Rose is not your typical 17 year old in the best way possible.

She’s writing her own music, touring with household names and traveling the world doing what she loves. While her music is relatable, it is also very honest and unique — which can be rare in the music industry.

Jena brings something new to the world of sound, and she is ready to take the world by storm as a star on the rise. With her new single ‘Reasons’ dropping today, she is determined to inspire and create songs people can relate to and genuinely enjoy.

In this interview with Jena Rose, she expresses her love for writing music, touring and what fans can look forward to in the future.

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

My name is Jena Rose. I’m a 17-year-old from Dallas, Texas. I do online school and I travel a lot for music. I started playing piano when I was five and (started) singing and songwriting when I was nine.

How did your career get started?

I started taking lessons when I was nine, and then my voice coach — when I was 12 — said, “You should go to New York and work with this manager I know and see how you like being in the industry.” That’s how it all started!

Do you play any instruments?

I just play piano. I tried guitar, but my hand’s too small! I may try it out again.

What makes you a different and unique artist in the music industry?

I would say writing my own songs and being genuine with them. I hope that I’m relatable for people, and I can be that voice some people don’t have. I’m a teenager going through similar issues as well, and people can hopefully relate to that.

What inspires your music?

I’m 17, so I haven’t been through everything yet. I try to wrap my brain around what’s going on in the world. My friends’ issues and family inspire what I write about, too. I try to take things and inspiration from everything. Basically, the whole world interests and inspires me.

You have a new single out today called ‘Reasons’, which is super exciting! What can you tell us about that?

I wrote it on the piano at home, and I was just brainstorming. It’s about a bad relationship. My producer said it would sound really cool on guitar. I loved how it turned out. It’s an acoustic, feel-good easy-listen, and I’m really excited about it!

What has been your favorite song to record so far?

It would probably have to be ‘Reasons’, because there are some cool melodies involved and I haven’t done anything similar to it.

Who do you look up to in the industry?

I really look up to Dua Lipa, Sara Bareilles, Adele and Taylor Swift.

Are there any artists you would like to collaborate with?

So many! I would probably say that I would love to do a song with Dua lipa, Halsey, Lana Del Rey, BORNS, Twenty One Pilots and Chance the Rapper.

You have toured with some big names in the industry like MAX and Why Don’t We. How does it feel to have had that experience already?

I’m so grateful for them. Every tour I have been on has been such an amazing experience. I have learned so much. I continue to keep learning and growing with every tour. I’m also going on tour with Echosmith really soon. I’m doing that starting April 4th and it ends May 12th. It’s in the United States with one date in Canada!

Is there anything you want people to know about you?

I want them to know that they can listen to my music, feel what they want to feel and let a song take them where they want it to take them. It’s there for the listeners to take what they want (from it). I hope they know it’s ok to feel emotions.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

I flew out to Dubai for Arab Fashion Week, and it was really cool to go there as a part of my music journey. Also, I would say recording my EP. It’s coming out very soon!

What should fans know about your upcoming EP?

The EP has a lot of variety. I write songs that people can relate to.

What’s something that would surprise people about you?

Growing up I was super shy, but performing and putting myself out there (in the industry) has helped me get over my shyness.

Do you have any major goals for your career?

To keep putting out music. I would love to perform at the American Airlines Center in Dallas because I grew up going to shows there. Also, to keep inspiring people and traveling around the world doing what I love.

What’s something you’ve learned from being in this industry so far?

I have learned to stay true to who I am. There’s going to be times where other people want you to change or when you want to change. Staying a good person and true to yourself is important.

What’s it like to see all of the positive comments relating back to your music and people showing love on social media for you as an artist?

It’s crazy. I see them every day from people and it blows my mind. I try to respond to everyone. It’s really amazing. I hope I can be that person for them that helps them get through things in their life.

What has been one of your favorite experiences so far?

I went to Sweden to record some songs and that was a great experience. Traveling has been really cool in general!

What songs or artists have you recently been obsessed with?

Dua Lipa is just everything. I love James Bay. Anderson .Paak is really cool. The Neighborhood too! I’m really into finding new bands.

What are some fun facts about you as an individual?

I’m a super picky eater, but I eat a lot of what I love. There’s a lot of kids menus in my life. I’m really goofy and silly. I’m kind of weirdo. I also love dogs!

When you’re not working on music related things, what are you doing hobby wise?

I love looking at houses online and going to open houses. I’m a big house person! I love hanging out with friends. I’m also trying to be a normal teenager by not getting too caught up in what I’m doing. I love reality TV and relaxing.

Are you currently obsessed or binge watching any shows?

I was too young for ‘Jersey Shore’, so I’m binge watching it now!

If you didn’t choose music as a path, what’s another passion you may have pursued?

I’ve always said there’s no Plan B, but maybe real estate.

Are you planning to do any other shows or performances soon?

I’m going to try and do an EP release party in LA and then I’m going to do some private concerts and meet and greets coming this summer.

Is there anything else fans can look forward to coming soon?

I have a new music store going up with merchandise bundles and autographed CDs.

If you could only listen to three artists for the rest of your life, who would they be?

I would probably say BORNS, Lana Del Rey and Adele.

You can follow Jena on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Be sure to catch her on tour with Echosmith in April and May in the States!

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