Here’s why Love, Simon is the queer romcom the world needs

Love, Simon was released last week and Twitter was flooded with a multitude of reactions.


Ever since ‘Love, Simon’ hit movie theatres the Internet has been flooded with thoughts and feelings from like-minded individuals. ‘Love, Simon’ allows and encourages people to share their stories of love, courage and life experiences. Here are just a few of the Tweets that have been making us cry happy tears.

I also asked my friends about their reaction to the movie and the messages I received were utterly and truly heart-warming.

“It’s not like the movie was superb or like incredible but the entire time my heart was filled with so much joy while watching it because for the first time we were represented in a way on screen that we usually don’t get. There are a lot of arthouse indie movies with gay relationships in them but theyre often not relatable or feature 30 minute sex scenes that im not comfortable with lol. This movie was like a warm hug tbh. I’ve already come to terms with my sexuality and i’ve already dealt with the shit simon is going through so while this movie made me feel awesome and loved a mainstream movie like this will have such a different affect for someone who is younger than me and really struggling with their sexuality and that has the ability to be so so important to so many people.” -Alicia, @queermedicine

“i decided to watch the movie with my best friend and a few other people who somewhat know or have an idea that i’m not straight, so i felt very comfortable with the people i watched it with. i hadn’t read the book at all, and i saw how much positive reactions the movie was getting like how it helped people come out or like someone showing the movie to their parents/friends, etc. to help them understand better? before watching the movie, i had a particular thought in mind, i guess an expectation sort of? i’d decided that maybe i could show my mom the movie if i saw it fitting that it would help her understand better maybe? but the movie wasn’t like that, for me. it was more of just a casual rom com, and it was such a fun movie. like i’d say the best gay movie there is. and to be quite honest i haven’t had the chance to watch as many gay movies because either they’re all just not interesting, over sexualized, etc. so this is the best one. and i hope they make so many more like it. it was very lighthearted that’s why i liked it. but originally what i had in mind was something different, like i mentioned like i was looking for something in the movie that would give me the slight chance to help my mother understand these things? also, i did feel weird about a straight actor taking the role? but i don’t think i minded it much? it wasn’t a big deal for me i guess? just would’ve been nice if they got an actual gay person. i hope i didn’t write too much or suck at this.” -Anonymous

Another friend who is awaiting the release of the movie in India but has read the book sent me this.

“i read simon vs the homo sapiens agenda and it made me feel so?? nice?? it wasn’t heavy, it was like any other teen romance. i like how the author made it such a normal thing. it’s made me feel, less different, or like my sexuality wasn’t as big of a deal as it’s made out to be.” – Stuti, @loverskth

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