Chloe George talks The Door and what to expect in the future

Chloe George is a promising rising star and chatted to us about her brand new single.


Chloe George is an LA-based star and her future is looking promising as she is becoming a rising star in the pop industry.

She has just released her highly-anticipated single ‘The Door’ for her fans and the reaction has been incredible. ‘The Door’ is a pop ballad and gives her fans something to relate to with the lyrics.

The single release follows her first original single ‘Peachi’ which premiered via PAPER and was chosen as a Pulse First by Sirius XM The Pulse. She has been featured in several rising pop playlists on Spotify and Apple Music with her first single ‘ghost town (voice memo)’, which has also been streamed over 45 million times.

You’ve just released your brand new pop ballad ‘The Door’. How long had you been sitting on this single?
I wrote it about 6 months ago – feels so good to have it out!

Have you been pleased with the reaction you’ve received so far?
Definitely, I have no expectations going into releases because it’s such an external part of the process, but I’m so happy people are connecting to it in the way they are.

Have you got any other original singles coming in the near future?
Next year is gonna be fuuuunnnn 🙂

Your first original single ‘Peachi’ was selected as a Pulse First by SiriusXM The Pulse, which is huge! How did it feel when you found out about that achievement?
That was fuckin nuts – I was so shocked, especially since that was my first original I’ve put out. Hearing it on the radio made me cry, and get the chills, and piss my pants all at once.

Your very first solo hit ‘ghost town (voice memo)’ went viral, racking up over 45 million streams. Did you expect the track to blow up in the way that it did?
Not at allllllll. That was such a crazy experience to see what the internet does hahah. I just uploaded the video to TikTok one night, and then that led to me putting the cover out. I remember when it got to 100k I was like what the fuck, and to see where it’s at now is just psychotic to me.

It was also added to several new music and pop playlists on Spotify and Apple Music. Was it exciting for you to know that so many people were loving the song?
Yesss! Seeing it be supported in any way honestly just made me so happy and emotional.

Before releasing your own songs, you co-wrote on songs with Dua Lipa and Anne-Marie. What made you take the decision to release your own music?
I actually always wanted to put my own music out!! I started writing for pitch and other artists towards the end of my time at NYU, and it was something that really helped me learn more about myself and what kind of music I wanted to make!!

What else can your fans expect from you in the near future?
A lot more music fun fun!!!

If you haven’t already listened to ‘The Door’, you can listen to it here. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Chloe George, she is definitely a rising star to keep an eye on.

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