Dua Lipa cowboys up in the Love Again music video

Clown girl summer!


Dua Lipa has extended the Future Nostalgia era once more, officially giving “Love Again” the single treatment. The fan-favorite song is now visualized in a stunning music video after performing it for NPR’s Tiny Desk series and this year’s Brit Awards.

The juxtaposition of the nu-disco sound and the lyrics being about finding new love after a difficult relationship make this song a standout from the album. “Love Again” samples “My Woman,” a song from the 1930s, as well as “Your Woman” by White Town.

“I was going through like a bunch of personal sh*t,” shared Dua Lipa on the Netflix miniseries, Song Exploder. “I was at a point in the long term relationship with someone who I guess was quite dishonest with me, & I was like ‘I need to release from this,’ and ‘this isn’t healthy for me.’” “Love Again” stemmed from wanting to manifest positive energy into her life.

The new video is directed by the production team, CANADA, who also directed the video for “Physical.” According to Dua, the video was shot while she was preparing for her Brit Awards performance, and she learned the choreography in 45 minutes.

Throughout the video, Dua rides a wild mechanical bull that represents her new relationship and her efforts to control it. The egg symbolism is actually a reference to the “Clown Egg Registry,” where clowns would have their faces painted on eggs to trademark their facial features. By the end of the video, Dua’s got her clown makeup on, meaning she’s ready for whatever this new love has in store for her.

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