BTSxColdplay trends on Twitter and has fans hopeful for a potential collaboration

Both artists have recently released new music, but now the question that stands is — will they collaborate?


In case you missed it, in early May, Coldplay released their new single ‘Higher Power.’ Prior to dropping their new song, the band had sent fans on a massive treasure hunt which led them to decode the single’s name.

Later that month, BTS dropped their new single ‘Butter‘ and went on to receive praise for their new song and claim a spot at the top on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

With both bands receiving critical praise for their new music, fans on both sides are excited for more music whenever that day may come.

But just this week, there was a small detail that both ARMY and Coldplay fans noticed on the popular song lyric website Genius.

Coldplay fans have been trying to decipher more song titles ever since they cracked the code for the band’s latest single. But when checking to see if there was anything updated on the band’s Genius page, fans noticed a certain K-Pop group would be potentially collaborating on a song called ‘My Universe.’

After noticing this small detail, ARMY and Coldplay fans went into a frenzy at this news. Many tweeted that this would be an amazing collaboration and that they were hoping that this wasn’t a prank.

But others also pointed out that this dream collaboration was something BTS has talked about before. One fan even created a Twitter thread where both bands have talked about/mentioned one another.

And just recently, Chris Martin from Coldplay added ‘Butter’ to his Spotify playlist and V mentioned in an interview with Bustle that his current go-to song was Coldplay’s own ‘Daddy.’

Though right now it’s only a rumor, all of these moments where both bands are mentioning one another surely has us hoping that this collaboration actually turns into a reality. But in the meantime, we’ll just continue streaming both ‘Butter’ and ‘Higher Power.’

Stream ‘Butter’ by BTS here and ‘Higher Power’ by Coldplay here.

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