Review: Gnash at Brighton Music Hall, Boston


Gnash took the stage on Jan. 23 at Brighton Music Hall in Boston for The Broken Hearts Club Tour and it’s easy to say fans were anything but disappointed.

With all smiles and somehow still making eye contact even through his sunglasses, gnash showed Boston what his music and his live shows are all about: self-love, positivity, and good tunes. Through songs from both major eras of his career, including his smash hit with Olivia O’Brien “i hate u, i love u,” gnash kept the audience’s energy up with smooth transitions from song to song and motivational speeches here and there.

The ‘t-shirt’ singer started off his set strong by including “i hate u, i love u” in his first three tracks performed and casually switching gears to his new music off of his brand new album “we.” Although gnash’s debut album had only come out only two weeks before the show, fans of the singer were not shy or hesitant about screaming every lyric and word back to him.

The energy at Brighton Music Hall during gnash’s set was contagious without any exaggeration. It would have been nearly impossible to get this crowd quiet for absolutely anything, but they still managed to listen and quietly sing along to gnash’s slower songs with the utmost respect for the artist in front of them.

If there is one word to describe fans of gnash, especially during his set in Boston, it would be loyal. They wanted to hear everything he had to say in between songs and they stayed until the end of his set with their eyes focused on him, and not their phones, throughout the show.

Fans of all ages showed up to Brighton Music Hall on Jan. 23 to support an artist with an important message and it was evident that they would not want to be anywhere else.

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