Second Act: The corporate Cinderella story


Jennifer Lopez steals the show as her sassy persona ignites the big screen bringing a tonne of female empowerment in romantic comedy ‘Second Act’.

In her brand new film, Lopez finds herself living out a Cinderella story going from rags to riches or more discount supermarket to swanky skincare brand.

43-year-old Maya Vargas, played by Jennifer Lopez, has a vibrant personality with an unmatched work ethic, she has all the street smart ideas to trail blaze the supermarket branch she assistant manages to be the top performing store. Despite all this, she still falls short on her promotion after 15 years of working her way up.

jennifer lopez
Jennifer Lopez in Second Act (Image: STX Entertainment)

Who says birthday wishes don’t come true? In this case, with the help of a let’s say slightly modified CV, Maya finally gets to walk the walk to back up all her talk to prove that you don’t need a degree to do well – or should I say you don’t need a real degree?

After landing a huge job as a skincare consultant with all the desired qualifications from her Wharton degree, Peace Corps service, mastery of Mandarin to overall power player vibe, what could go wrong? Oh, when she actually has to use them.

Maya is thrown in at the deep end, after her suggestions lead to struggle when she has to make an organic yet profitable new range. The competition is on with her significantly younger competitor Zoe, played by High School Musical’s Vanessa Hudgens – who has notably come a long way since singing in the cafeteria, but things aren’t all as it seems and the two may not be on different teams after all.

Despite her new lease of life, stress and rise to the top, Lopez is surrounded by an assortment of unique characters to which she calls friends as they provide all the jokes you need and more as they’ll have you uncontrollably laughing out loud with their spontaneous behavior and eclectic rendition of Salt ‘N’ Pepa’s ‘Push it’.

‘Second Act’ truly packs a punch in its hour and forty-five-minute production taking you on an emotional journey through love, loss, lies and life whilst incorporating an important message behind all of it based upon the conventions of society.

In what seems like an airy-fairy chick flick comes a multitude of twists, turns and unexpected yet beautifully executed epiphanies which make this a great watch which will have you gripped and giggling like a school kid.

The film directed by Peter Segal also stars Leah Remini, Treat Williams and Milo Ventimiglia and is a must watch – especially if you love a good Romantic comedy.

Second Act comes to UK Cinemas this Friday, January 25th.

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