On Our Radar: Sunflower Bean, Janet Devlin, Fletcher, and more

Listen to what we've been blasting this past month.


2019 is off to a stellar start and it’s full of new music galore. From indie-rock to dance-hall pop bangers, here’s what we’ve been listening to during this chilly January.


Fletcher – ‘Undrunk’

Potential pop star Cari Elise Fletcher, aka Fletcher, released a sensually confident anthem just in time for Valentine’s Day. ‘Undrunk’ is the singer’s pleading request to get over her former significant other by paying more attention to her own needs, an empowering message for all the single girls out there. Mixing elements of radio-friendly pop and innuendo-laced lyrics, Fletcher defies the stereotype focusing on women’s sexual desires.

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Better Oblivion Community Center – ‘Dylan Thomas’

Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers have joined forces, calling themselves Better Oblivion Community Center.  The duo has been hinting on social media about a possible collaboration but an album was the last thing we expected. ‘Dylan Thomas’ is the standout track off their indie-rock LP, lamenting about loneliness but finding a bit of comfort in the isolation.

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Sunflower Bean – ‘Come For Me’

Indie-rock-pop band Sunflower Bean just released a stellar EP titled ‘King of the Dudes.’ Lead singer Julia Cumming raspily delivers a classic vibe that reminds us of the late 80s in ‘Come For Me.’ They’re heading in a different musical direction with their sound that differs from previous releases and it’s promising, refreshing, and everything in between.

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Phildel – ‘Electric Heights’

Rising star Phildel delivers an impactful message in the aptly titled ‘Electric Heights,’ an electrically-charged anthem delving into our realistic ideas on basic human attraction. “Electric Heights is about re-living and re-embodying that dizzy and exhilarating feeling of attraction,” says Phildel. “I wanted to achieve the opposite of obvious drama and instead, a calm, controlled yet intimate sense of expression.” The artist is set to release her sophomore album ‘Wave Your Flags’ on March 22.

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Ella Vos – ‘Ocean’

Ella Vos had a trying 2018. After being diagnosed with cancer while on tour, she underwent numerous treatments to help fight it. Despite enduring emotional and physical stress, Vos’ creative process never stopped. She’s recently released her EP ‘Watch & Wait‘ that she reveals began at the beginning of her cancer treatments. ‘Ocean’ is a self-reflecting track about unveiling the most vulnerable parts of yourself even if it’s terrifying.

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Myylo – ‘Jonesing’

Myylo is bursting with the unpredictable personality that’s much needed in today’s pop music. After the Nashville-based artist recently spent a week-long writing session with popular musicians like Mike Posner and more, he’s ready to take the year by storm. ‘Jonesing’ is a groovy, unconventional bop that serves a whole different take on what pop music has become accustomed to.

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Sody – ‘Let You Know’

Up-and-coming artist Sody is reminding us that we need to take charge of our lives in her latest single ‘Let You Know.’ The UK artist further explained the significance behind the track saying, “‘Let You Know’’ is about the frustration of trying to please people in authoritative positions and sometimes losing yourself in the process, feeling like you’’re never good enough. It’s about finding the strength to question their guidance and taking control of your own future.””

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Janet Devlin – ‘I Lied To You’

Janet Devlin is back after nearly two years with her hauntingly beautiful single ‘I Lied To You.’ She peels back a layer of herself, revealing her regrets and secrets she harbored while transitioning to public star early in her career.  “The track wasn’t hard to write. It was really just a statement, the evidence that I’d been untrue,” says Devlin. “I’m blessed to have such wonderful family, friends, and fans that I couldn’t live with my dishonesty or move past it anymore. I needed to be exonerated for my wrongs and I had to take the opportunity to confess and ask for forgiveness.”

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Satellite Mode – ‘Kissing in Photographs’

NYC-based band Satellite Mode are set to have an exciting 2019. ‘Kissing in Photographs’ is a wildly animated track that shows off a quirkiness that the band encapsulates in the most flattering way. Their sound is unique, unlike anything we’re used to hearing on the radio. In February they’re set to go on tour and hopefully expand their ever-growing fanbase.

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Claud – ‘Never Meant To Call’

Alternative-indie artist Claud exhibits all the qualities of where pop culture should be headed. ‘Never Meant To Call’ is synth-pop at its finest and sweetly endearing, in the eccentric loner type of way. We’ve all crushed hard on someone we feel like is out of our league and ultimately end up stumbling, clumsily trying our best to impress our potential new partner. Claud adequately depicts the awkwardness of being an outsider looking in.

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