8 funniest tweets about a potential One Direction reunion

Let’s face it, the humor could not be better when it comes to One Direction stan Twitter.


I’m pretty sure you’ve already heard about a potential 10 year anniversary project that our favourite boyband is secretly (or now, not so secretly — thanks Liam) are planning. Even though Niall has cautioned us that there are no plans for all of them to do anything together, stan Twitter took that as a perfect opportunity to immediately find their funniest memes to share their feelings about this.

I mean, I am pretty sure that this is EXACTLY what I would do if they ever did a reunion tour. I’d pack my bags and fly to wherever they’ll be doing the reunion; immediately.

Nothing and no one will stop me if this happens. My friends might think I have gone too far, but they just don’t understand the excitement this band has brought me.


I have to say it; whatever they are planning, it is what is pulling me through this time. Even if they just throw a tweet out on the official One Direction band account and nothing else, I am content with ANYTHING.

Liam already told us too much, but can we have a bit more information, pretty please?


Listen; the Big Time Rush x One Direction tour was the best thing that has happened to the music industry. The fact that they are both potentially reuniting, means that we will be celebrating twice. Their comebacks together would be way too powerful.

Didn’t everyone’s rooms look like this? I think I once counted 115 posters on my walls and, like, 30 on my ceiling.

Oh, the days that I would be out of breath from screaming every time someone slightly mentioned them. I miss it!


I mean, literally. The internet would BREAK if this whole reunion happens. Old stans will resurface, new stans will come, current stans will lose their minds.

But, whatever happens with this One Direction anniversary, I am already grateful that there is a slight opening for them to do something. Up until it really happens, I will plan the Made In The Am tour in my head, and keep on saving money in my “One Direction Tour” jar.

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